Indian sandstone patio

A patio is an outdoor space usually paved with stone and used for recreation or dining. It is considered one of the most important elements for beauty enhancement of your house. You can provide attractive look to your garden and patio area by using Indian sandstone paving. Indian sandstone paving comes in variety of shapes, size and colors.

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Indian Natural Stone

Stones are so important in the development of civilization that we associate and part of. Some civilizations built entirely with stone especially with sandstone and natural stone. From last 2 centuries European construction revolves around Indian natural stone and Indian sandstone. Many famous pathways, roads, monuments, gardens, patio of famous buildings were built with Indian natural stone.

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Indian Paving Stones

Indian is famously known for its cultural heritage but very few people know that it’s a mineral hub as well. The minerals produced in India constitute one-quarter of the world's most popular mineral resources. Out of this reach legacy of minerals Indian sandstone plays a vital role. Indian paving stones or popularly known as Indian sandstone is one of the most exported materials from India. Indian sandstone industry is growing day by day and raising its standards to server international market.
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Indian Sandstone Paving Usage in UK

There are lots of historical evidences which shows that Indian sandstone paving is widely used compared to any other stone. Stylish look and more color scheme makes it more popular day by day in UK market. Eighteen and nineteen century Indian sandstone or Indian stone paving widely used in building material, roads and part of many popular structures. Indian sandstone has actually been very popular stone material across the globe however getting more appeal in UK and Ireland.  Many popular structures used Indian sandstone paving Eg. Alexander Graham Memorial, Harbor Office, Royal Hotel, Victoria, Church [..]

Indian Sandstone Paving in UK

Sandstone is scientifically known as arenite, is sedimentary clastic rock composed mainly of sand-sized minerals or rock grains. India is leading producer of sandstone and Indian sandstone is famous around the world for its quality. India is the biggest exporter of sandstone paving in UK.

Indian sandstone paving is available in different size, color and category E.g. - Handcut paving, tumbled paving, sawn paving, contemporary paving and granite paving. The demand for sandstone paving can have a number of reasons. A part from the[..]