Sandstone Exports from India

Indian economy is the second fastest in the world and it is playing vital role in India’s growth. Globalization, privatization and liberalization have opened the new door for many small scale industries as far as export scenario is concern. India is major exporter of sandstone and natural stone, which is the second largest foreign exchange earner for India besides iron ore in mineral category. Indian sandstone export industry is getting bigger and bigger day by day.

India is well known as one of the largest sandstone and natural stone producer. Indian sandstone is in great demand in various parts of the world including USA, UK, Ireland and Australia. The 90% of finished sandstone is exported to various part of the world. As per recent research and various export trends shows that Indian stone industry is estimated to be more than $460 million USD. If we specifically talk about sandstone, estimated value of sandstone export is $220 million USD.

The Indian sandstone industry can’t be completed without Rajasthan (A northern Indian state). Rajasthan produces 90% of the sandstone of India hence become the global destination for those who is planning to import sandstone from India. UK, USA, Canada, Germany and UAE are the major countries who imports sandstone from India. Out of the mentioned countries UK is the leading importer from India and imports almost 63% of total sandstone. Most of the Indian sandstone exporter aims UK as potential buyer for their products and take care on UK import standards. 

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