Indian Natural Stone

Stones are so important in the development of civilization that we associate and part of. Some civilizations built entirely with stone especially with sandstone and natural stone. From last 2 centuries European construction revolves around Indian natural stone and Indian sandstone. Many famous pathways, roads, monuments, gardens, patio of famous buildings were built with Indian natural stone.

Indian natural stone is still in great demand because of its strength, coolers and stylish appealing looks. Natural stone is a creation of nature and India is blessed with it.  Natural stone is mined directly from earth. The raw material requires basic processing to be in exact size and shape.

The variety and quality depends upon the origin of natural stone. Indian natural stone is considered the finest among the all for construction usage.  Indian export industry is the world’s biggest exporter of Indian natural and Indian sandstone across the globe. Due to low labor cost, high quality stone, export friendly local government policies, efficient packaging system and professional approach of Indian companies making it bigger day by day.

In past centuries, Indian natural stone has mainly been used for major construction purposes such as pathways, street roads, public places. Indian natural stones are one of the most popular material now a days and used for flooring, patio, driveways, walls and countertops.  The proper size and shape of stone paving makes it easy to use in garden and patio areas and require almost no construction skills. Many users in UK and Ireland are laying Indian natural stone paving by themselves. 

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