Indian Paving Stones

Indian is famously known for its cultural heritage but very few people know that it’s a mineral hub as well. The minerals produced in India constitute one-quarter of the world's most popular mineral resources. Out of this reach legacy of minerals Indian sandstone plays a vital role. Indian paving stones or popularly known as Indian sandstone is one of the most exported materials from India. Indian sandstone industry is growing day by day and raising its standards to server international market.

Indian is one of the largest sandstone producer and market leader in sandstone export across the globe. Indian paving stones are very demanding in European market especially in UK and Ireland. The demand for Indian paving stones in UK is the highest in the entire Europe region. The important reason behind Indian paving stones success is its packaging which is very essential parameter for export, Indian companies follows are the rules and regulation as per required standards in UK and Ireland.

The beauty and strength of sandstone makes it popular in both industrial and domestic segment. Indian paving stones are not only stylish but also affordable in cost. This makes Indian sandstone a popularly used building and paving material in UK. Now a days many people use paving stone as accent pieces, for borders or custom designs however the main use of Indian paving stones are in garden and patio areas. Whether you are planning and smart terrace garden or new patio design the obvious choice would be in Indian sandstone paving, the reason behind the popularity is easier to cut and strength of material. Indian paving stones is also ideal for paths and driveways and many construction companies prefer it now days in UK and Ireland.