Indian Sandstone Paving Usage in UK

There are lots of historical evidences which shows that Indian sandstone paving is widely used compared to any other stone. Stylish look and more color scheme makes it more popular day by day in UK market. Eighteen and nineteen century Indian sandstone or Indian stone paving widely used in building material, roads and part of many popular structures. Indian sandstone has actually been very popular stone material across the globe however getting more appeal in UK and Ireland.  Many popular structures used Indian sandstone paving Eg. Alexander Graham Memorial, Harbor Office, Royal Hotel, Victoria, Church Road, R. H. Robertson, Graham Place, Dundas Street and  Alfred Street.

It is very popular saying among people “Patio are best when they're made of sandstone” and it actually proves when you look and compare the sandstone paving with concrete paving. Concrete paving tends to be more uniform in color and thicker than sandstone hence the finishing wouldn’t look attractive and appealing.

Indian sandstone paving advantages over concrete paving are becoming more apparent over the year in UK and Ireland. If you want to make your garden more beautiful or want your walling and edging look more appealing than Indian paving stones are best choices. It is noticed that 80% people in UK used sandstone paving in their patio and garden area. Patio paving gives a vibrant look to your backyard and same time it is not expensive to afford.

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